Development Kits for Ellipse and Ellipse Micro

Ellipse Development Kit
Ellipse Development Kit

The Development Kit (DK) comes with your Ellipse sensor. It is a very quick and easy way to evaluate and use Ellipse sensors.

The DK contains:

  • The calibration report,
  • A USB cable to connect the Ellipse,
  • One or two patch antenna for INS Ellipse models (N and D)

The Development Kit gives access to full technical support and unlimited firmware updates

Ellipse Micro Evaluation Board
Ellipse Micro eval board

The Ellipse Micro DK additionally contains an evaluation board which integrates:

»  A Ublox GNSS receiver module for INS applications (Model E)

»  All the cables and accessories



Each graph view has zooming and panning capabilities allowing efficient data analysis. Various panels are available such as a 3D view representing the device orientation.


Ellipse settings can be modified, and the result is displayed in real time. The sbgCenter main window shows Euler Angles, Gyroscopes data, and 3D orientation.


Create and playback recordings. Thanks to the Timeline Control, you can finely analyze a recorded motion by travelling or zooming through the time.


You can easily configure your export text file format to open your recording in third party software like Excel, Matlab, or CARIS for example. Each exported data can be enabled or disabled so you export only what you need. Thanks to Google KMZ plugin, you can export your recording into Google Earth and visualize both 3D orientation and position data.

To reduce integration time of our products into customers’ applications, SBG Systems has developed a set of libraries that can be directly used to communicate with our products. The Development Kit also includes some source code samples that illustrate the use of our libraries.

The sbgECom C library

This library provides all you need to develop code for our products. For example, with only three lines of code, you start reading sensors and orientation data from the Ellipse. All Ellipse features are implemented in the sbgECom library so you can use it to completely configure your sensor.

The sbgECom library is delivered with full documented source code and has been designed to be quickly adapted to any platforms including small microcontrollers.

Source Code Examples

The Development Kit includes some source codes that demonstrate how to use the sbgECom library. You will need only a few minutes to get the Ellipse working in your application.


Both sbgECom library and examples source code compile natively on Windows using Visual Studio, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux thanks to Makefiles.

RTMaps library

The RTMaps library for Ellipse comes with a set components for easy sensor configuration and data acquisition. RTMaps 4 is an asynchronous high performance software platform, designed to face multi sensor challenges.

iron calibration tool
iron calibration tool

This tool is used to take the best from the magnetic sensors included in Ellipse products. With good calibrated magnetic sensors, you will have, in all 3D orientations, an accurate heading information.

Easy and accurate

In only a few seconds, you can achieve a good calibration. Calibrating magnetometers is a really easy task, you just have to rotate the device normally in some directions.

Real time 3D visualization

Thanks to a powerful 3D interface, you visualize in real time the progress and the quality of the current calibration and adjust your procedure to get the best results.

Soft and Hard iron correction

The Iron Calibration Tool is intended to compensate both Soft AND Hard iron effects using a powerful calibration algorithm.

Supports 2D and 3D applications

The calibration procedure has two modes of operation, 2D mode and 3D mode. Most of the time, the 3D mode will be the best one but, when the sensor is only moved in a 2D plane, you should use the 2D mode.