Precision Made Simple

Pushing the Boundaries

Welcome to the forefront of geospatial innovation. Qinertia PPK software offers an all-new level in high-precision positioning solutions. In a world that demands accuracy without compromise, our software is emerging as the cornerstone for professionals and industries seeking unparalleled confidence in their location data.

New Geodesy Engine

The new Geodesy Engine in Qinertia boasts an exhaustive suite of tools that are not only incredibly user-friendly but also highly versatile.

With an extensive selection of preconfigured Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS), Qinertia let you harness the essential official systems and transformations for your projects. You can also craft custom transformations tailored to your specific or scientific requirements.

IonoShield mode

The IonoShield mode in Qinertia revolutionizes how you manage ionospheric activity in your logs. Monitoring ionospheric conditions has never been easier.

Now, you can effortlessly assess the ionospheric activity and baseline length, enabling you to make informed decisions about the optimal processing mode for your data.

Extended CORS integration

You can now access the SmartNet CORS network, with its impressive 5300 base station worldwide coverage. (additional subscription required).

Smartnet access is seamlessly integrated into Qinertia, ensuring you have the flexibility and convenience to leverage this technology in the way that suits you best.

PPK with live RTCM

You can now achieve unparalleled accuracy in your PPK workflows by processing your data with RTCM corrections that are used in real-time operations. It's important to note that this feature is specifically designed for real-time single-base scenarios and is incompatible with VBS setups.

RTCM Stream in Qinertia redefines precision and provides more options for your PPK.

And more ...

Advanced GNSS display & settings

Qinertia automatically enhances your PPK accuracy by intelligently excluding satellites with poor signal quality, ensuring that only the highest-quality data is utilized in your computations. What's more, users now have the flexibility to take matters into their own hands by manually disabling individual satellites, entire signal bands, or even entire constellations within their PPK solutions. To support these advanced capabilities, we've introduced a range of informative graphs that allow you to easily assess GNSS signal quality. Empower yourself with total control and confidence in your GNSS data with the Advanced GNSS Setting & Display in Qinertia.

Tightly coupled PPP

The tight coupling PPP in Qinertia is now available just 24 hours after your mission. Integrating SBG PPP algorithm with tight coupling brings the accuracy of calculation to a new level.  It not only enhances your real time capability but also significantly improves the post mission data analysis.

Pedestrian single antenna mode

A game-changing feature designed to enhance your experience in low-dynamic scenarios and single-antenna use cases. Under the Pedestrian motion profile,  Qinertia effortlessly aligns your heading, ensuring optimal accuracy even in situations with low dynamic and unlocks a world of possibilities for backpack mapping. Pedestrian alignment, a new solution you've been waiting for.

PPK made easy

Pedestrian single antenna mode

  • Up to 10,000 base stations in 164 countries directly available in Qinertia
  • Import your own base station and check its position integrity with PPP

Post-processing that always works

  • Single Base Station short baseline
  • Single base Station Ionoshield mode
  • Virtual Base Station for corridor mapping
  • Tightly coupled PPP anywhere in the world

User focused software

Modern and user-friendly interface to get you up and running in minutes

  • Powerful tools for the most advanced users
  • Regularly updated with new features based on user feedback

Integrate Qinertia to your workflow

For Software developers. Use Qinertia Cloud APIs or Qinertia CLI to unleash the power of PPK into your Software:

  • User friendly graphical interface
  • CLI for recurrent data processing
  • Fully customizable outputs & generated reports

Compatible with numerous third party receivers

Qinertia is compatible with third party receivers that can provide raw GNSS data*, including: 

  • Septentrio GNSS receivers
  • Trimble GNSS receivers
  • Novatel GNSS receivers
  • Ublox GNSS receivers 
  • Standard RINEX files

Get access to all Qinertia features:

  • Parsing of the file formats of the GNSS receiver
  • GNSS PPK, optionally with inertial coupling
  • GNSS PPP, optionally with inertial coupling
  • All display of graphs and analytics
  • PPK performed using all constellations band available
  • and much more...

*supported GNSS receivers: dual band and above (L1, L1+L2, L1+L5, L1+L2+L5).

Choose your Edition

Cost-effective solution designed for UAV-based surveying and photogrammetry applications.

    Data post-processing from any GNSS receiver (through RINEX) and with binary files from Novatel, Septentrio, Trimble and Ublox.

    Cost-effective solution offered with the SBG Ellipse miniature inertial sensors.

    Fully-featured data post-processing for all SBG sensors, in all applications and environments.

    Choose Qinertia Cloud API / CLI editions to unleash the power of PPK into your software.