Navsight Marine Series

Navsight Marine is a motion & navigation solution designed to ease Hydrographer’s tasks.

Navsight Ekinox Marine

Shallow Water

Compact & cost-effective, Navsight Ekinox grade light and easy to set for portable sonar systems, making it ideal for Shallow Water applications.

Highly versatile, Navsight comes as a Motion Reference Unit (MRU), providing roll, pitch, and heave or as a full Navigation Solution with embedded tri-frequency receiver, or using an external GNSS receiver.

  • 0.02° Roll & Pitch (RTK)
  • 0.05° GNSS Heading  (4 m baseline)
  • 1 cm Position (Depends on GNSS receiver)
  • Post-processing with Qinertia PPK
  • 5 cm Heave, 2.5 cm Delayed Heave

Navsight Apogee Marine

Shallow to Deep Water

Highly Versatile, Navsight Apogee grade delivers the best performance under GNSS outages, making it ideal for challenging Shallow to Deepwater applications.

Navsight Apogee consists of an Apogee grade Inertial Measurement Unit and connected to Navsight, a rugged processing unit embedding the fusion intelligence and the GNSS receiver (option).


  • 0.008° Roll and Pitch
  • 0.015° Heading (GNSS-based)
  • 1 cm RTK GNSS Position
  • 5 cm Heave, 2 cm Delayed Heave
  • Post-processing with Qinertia PPK
  • Right solution for all hydrographic tasks

Navsight Marine Horizon Grade

FOG-based IMU

Horizon IMU brings Navsight to the most demanding environments such as highly dense areas, low dynamic surveys, and applications where only a single antenna can be used.

Horizon IMU is based on a closed-loop FOG technology which enables ultra-low bias and noise levels. It allows robust and consistent performance in harsh conditions.

  • Up to 0.007° Roll & Pitch (RTK)
  • Up to 0.01°  GNSS-based Heading  (single antenna)
  • 1 cm    Position (Depends on GNSS receiver)
  • Post-processing with Qinertia PPK Software

Several Models to Fit your Needs

Navsight is available as MRU, as INS with embedded GNSS, and as INS using your own GNSS receiver. The IMU enclosure could be surface (IP68) or waterproof (100 m depth).

Easy Configuration with the Web Interface

Configuration is easy with the intuitive web interface. The 3D view helps you to check your mechanical installation, sensor position, alignments, and lever arms.

Extensive Heave Calculation

Real-time heave is accurate to 5 cm, automatically adjusted to the wave frequency.The Delayed Heave computes a heave accurate to 2 cm in real-time with a little delay.

Precise Time Protocol (PTP) & Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Navsight features a professional PTP (Precise Time Protocol) Grand Master Clock server as well as an NTP server. Synchronize several LiDAR and Cameras sensors over Ethernet to better than 1 microsecond.


A Safe Investment

Technical Support

Access to technical support by phone and email, unlimited free firmware updates.

No Export Restriction

Navsight sensors are not restricted to export and ITAR free.

2-years Warranty

Navsight is warranted for 2 years. This warranty can be extended up to 5 years.


Discover SBG Systems

Discover the company, how we design, manufacture, and how we calibrate our inertial sensors.

Discover SBG Systems

Discover the company, how we design, manufacture, and how we calibrate our inertial sensors.