The performance of the Apogee Navsight offers superior performance compared to competitive products and allows for easier installation and integration into existing hydrographic systems. The upgrade was done as part of a warranty extension package for both their SONAR and INS systems.

James Williams, Swathe Services

Multibeam System for Ports of Jersey

Ports of Jersey, UK, took delivery of a new Multibeam system from Swathe Services last week. The equipment, software and support package was chosen by Aaron Gavey, deputy Marine Operations manager, to enhance the organisation’s new commercial survey capability. (…)

Aaron and his team chose:

  • the new SBG Systems Apogee-U Inertial Navigation System
  • a Hemisphere R330 RTK base station and optional Atlas Link corrections
  • Valeport MiniSVS and SWiFT sensors
  • C4R Maritime Solutions provided a bespoke mounting bracket for their multi-role pilot/survey vessel
  • HYPACK HYSWEEP module.
  • Installation mount by C4R Maritime Solutions

The Swathe Services team successfully installed and trialled the equipment in Jersey. Aaron Gavey commented that Swathe Services provided a turn-key solution that met all aspects of the Port of Jersey’s operational requirements. There was a particular need to install on the existing multi-role pilot vessel and to take into account the large 12 metre tidal range.

I believe that Ports of Jersey has started a new trend in INS selection within the UK market.

James Williams

Navsight Apogee Marine

Shallow to Deep Water

  • 0.008° Roll and Pitch
  • 0.01° GNSS Heading (4 m baseline)
  • 1 cm + 0.5 ppm in GNSS RTK mode
  • 5 cm Heave, 2 cm Delayed Heave
  • Post-processing with Qinertia PPK
  • Right solution for all hydrographic tasks
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