They like the compact size of the Ellipse2-N and the impressive position robustness coupled with the CAN communication protocol and the good precision even in vibrating conditions

Ashish Samant, Director of Zen Microsystems

Tire Testing

Tire quality and performance are crucial components of safe bike behavior and comfort. Two-wheeler manufacturers look closely at the tire performance when selecting their providers. An Indian tire manufacturer company contacted Zen Microsystems to test the good adherence of their tires as well as the cornering capabilities in comparison with the market leader tires. Zen Microsystems is a renowned Indian distributor for testing equipment. The company delivered a full tire analysis using the Ellipse2-A Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) from SBG Systems.

Test Results

The test took place on a drive circuit. Zen Microsystems team installed the Ellipse2-A connected to a CAN data logger with embedded GPS receiver. The bike was equipped with Zen customer’s tires, and then with the market leader tires for comparison analysis. For both tests, the same testing equipment was used to sense speed, lateral acceleration, and the bike lean angle (bike roll). The analysis showed that at same curve (bend), with higher speed, Zen Microsystems’ client tires allowed higher bike roll during bends, more lateral accelerations which means a higher adherence of tires to the road (Higher Road Grip).


AHRS VS INS with embedded GNSS receiver

This complete analysis was determinant for the client who could prove the high quality of their products to the two-wheeler manufacturer. The Ellipse2-A AHRS used for the test is a highly robust miniature inertial sensor that provides roll, pitch, and magnetic heading thanks to the embedded Extended Kalman Filtering (EKF). The AHRS is extensively calibrated in temperature and dynamics for bias, misalignment, etc. As space is limited on a bike for testing equipment, Ashish Samant, Director of Zen Microsystems recommended to his client the Ellipse2-N, the all-in-one miniature INS/GNSS from SBG Systems.

The Ellipse2-N is a miniature inertial navigation system which integrates a L1 GNSS receiver and fuses the position with inertial data for a smooth trajectory even during outages that could occur near trees, buildings, etc. After this successful test, Zen Microsystems client chose the Ellipse2-N.


Single Antenna RTK GNSS

  • 0.05° Roll and Pitch (RTK)
  • 0.2° Heading (RTK high dynamics)
  • 5 cm Real-time Heave
  • 1 cm RTK GNSS Position
  • Raw Data for Post-Processing
  • Extremely small OEM module
  • Full Development Kit >>
  • ROS Driver
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