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Ellipse-E: Miniature INS

Ellipse-E is a small-sized high performance Inertial Navigation System. It provides Roll, Pitch, Heading, and Heave, and computes Navigation data when connected to an external GPS. It accepts Odometer aiding to maintain the best accuracy in challenging environments.

This light-weight sensor (49 grams) includes a MEMS-based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and runs an enhanced Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) which fuses inertial and aiding information to provide accurate real time orientation and navigation data.

High Accuracy for Such a Small Sensor:

  • 0.2° Roll and Pitch over 360°
  • 0.5° Heading (When connected to GPS)
  • 10 cm Real-time Heave, adjusted to the wave period
  • Position accuracy depends on the external GPS

Key Features:

  • Very Low Noise Gyroscopes
  • Connection to external GPS and Odometer (DMI)
  • IP 68 Enclosure
  • 200 Hz Output Rate

Ellipse Miniature MEMS Inertial Navigation System

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Need a More Accurate INS? Ekinox-E

Connect a GPS and an Odometer for a Smooth Trajectory

Ellipse-E is incredibly versatile. You can use your own GPS/GNSS for Navigation data. The internal Kalman Filter will fuse in real-time inertial and GPS data for enhanced position and orientation measurements. For Land applications, the Ellipse-E becomes a powerful dead reckoning solution when connected to an odometer.





Connect the Ellipse-E to an external dual antenna GPS receiver to get accurate navigation and heading information without relying on magnetometers. Ellipse is designed to operate in Marine and Subsea applications. Resistant to water and rugged to magnetic interferences, Ellipse-E also provides advanced heave which adjusts automatically to the wave frequency. 

Marine applications



When connected to an external GPS and an odometer (DMI), the Ellipse-E provides a more robust position, even in GPS challenging environments. The Ellipse-E is also compatible with RTK GPS receivers, providing a centimeter level positioning accuracy, while improving the GPS solution robustness. It is a versatile solution for high demanding applications such as UGV navigation, Car Testing or entry-level Mobile Mapping.

Land Applications



Ellipse-E provides very accurate attitude data, and position information when connected to the aircraft GPS. Robust and extensively calibrated and tested, the Ellipse-E operates in all weather conditions, making it relevant for aerospace applications such as Avionics, Flight Analysis, etc.

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Aerospace Applications

OEM Version


This lighter version of the Ellipse-N will benefit to designers who are searching for high performance in a light-weight (12 grams) and compact package.

This OEM version is more robust and easier to integrate than traditional PCB boards OEM modules.

Ellipse OEM Version

Development Kit


SBG Systems has designed a powerful and easy-to-use Development Kit. In just a few seconds, you start evaluating and configuring your inertial sensor and integrate it in your system.

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Aerospace Applications




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