The Ekinox-D is a survey-grade yet compact and precise inertial navigation system. It is the perfect INS for USV-based Bathymetry

Surveying Solution Developed by Cadden

Our partner Cadden held its new R2D3 conference, dedicated to the latest progress in the Representation of Reality in 3 Dimensions, on June 27th, 2019.

On this occasion, they conducted an autonomous bathymetric survey of the Loire river in Nantes, France.

As the French representative for OceanAlpha, they equipped a SL40 Autonomous Survey Boat with a R2Sonic 2020 Multibeam Echosounder and SBG’s Ekinox2-D RTK.

Cadden then presented the survey demonstration and its solution scheme at the event.

Cadden's Surveying solution integrating an OceanAlpha SL40 Autonomous Survey Boat
Cadden’s Surveying solution integrating an OceanAlpha SL40 Autonomous Survey Boat


Fully Equipped for Bathymetry

For multibeam bathymetry, Cadden has chosen the OceanAlpha SL40 which is a 1.6-meter-long waterjet Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). Payload goes up to 15 kg of survey instruments, which makes it the ideal surveying platform for smaller-sized multibeam echo sounder.

The solution brought by Cadden integrates:

  • A R2Sonic 2020 MBES, convenient for shallow water hydrographic surveys
  • A Valeport Mini SVS for higher survey accuracy
  • The very compact Ekinox2-D Dual Antenna Inertial Navigation System from SBG Systems. This Survey-grade IMU has an RTK Heading GNSS receiver embedded, which provides a position accuracy to the centimeter.
    Data from this inertial sensor is also post-processed with SBG’s Post-Processing software: Qinertia.
  • An AML Oceanographic Base-X2
  • A QPS Qinsy and Qimera
  • A Velodyne Lidar, Inc. VLP16

Check out the demonstration results !


All-in-one INS/GNSS

  • 0.02° Roll & Pitch (RTK)
  • 0.05° Dual Antenna Heading
  • 1 cm RTK GNSS Position @ 200 Hz
  • Post-processing with Qinertia PPK Software
  • 5 cm Heave, 2.5 cm Delayed Heave
  • Ethernet, Serial, and CAN Interfaces
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