SBG Navsight-Apogee gives us the confidence of reliable surveys in challenging conditions, maximising our operating window in near and offshore waters.

Nils Lowie, Senior Survey Engineer

Jan De Nul Group is a renowned international player in maritime operations, specialized in offshore  energy, dredging solutions, construction projects, circular solutions and project development.

They employ advanced precision technologies to shape water and land with accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in its operations.


Jan De Nul’s objectives

  • Reduce environmental footprint: Minimize emissions and environmental impact associated with maritime survey operations.
  • Ensure survey reliability: Obtain accurate and reliable survey data even in harsh offshore conditions, including high seas and wind farm environments.
  • Enhance operational efficiency: Optimize USV’s operational window and data collection capabilities for increased productivity.


Requirements from Inertial Navigation System provider

Jan De Nul was looking for a reliable Inertial Navigation System (INS) solution for its hybrid maritime Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), Beluga 01.  The USV offers a greener alternative to conventional boats for bathymetric surveys with reduced environmental impact and increased operational efficiency.

The company had specific technical requirements, including the need for accurate Pitch, Roll, and Heave (P/R/H) measurements, a small form factor for pole installations, a user-friendly interface and installation process, and reliable performance.

Navsight-Apogee, a survey-grade Motion Reference Unit (MRU) from SBG Systems, ensures reliable performance as a key component.


Beginning of engagement

The engagement started with an in-depth testing of our Navsight-Apogee products at the customer’s side. During this phase, we discussed results and identified any shortcomings related to Jan De Nul’s specific business needs.


Product integration

After a thorough analysis, Jan De Nul integrated Navsight-Apogee into its survey vessel for bathymetric applications.

The integration of Navsight-Apogee provided an optimal solution to address customer’s objectives:

  • Reliable data in harsh conditions: Navsight-Apogee ensured consistent and accurate survey data even in sea state three conditions, maximizing the operational window of the USV.
  • Enhanced positioning: By integrating GNSS data with the MRU, Apogee provided precise positioning at all times, overcoming the limitations of GNSS availability in wind farm environments.
  • Compact design: The small form factor and waterproof enclosure of Apogee allowed for seamless integration into the limited space of the USV’s moon pool, ensuring efficient use of space.


Support and assistance

Throughout the integration phase, Jan De Nul received support from SBG Systems‘ team. They contacted our support team whenever they needed help, and promptly received responses to resolve issues or answer questions.

While Navsight-Apogee met many of Jan De Nul’s application requirements, continuous improvements were identified to further enhance performance and functionality.



As both companies continue to innovate, the partnership remains primary for continued success in the maritime infrastructure sector.

Navsight-Apogee’s seamless integration with the Beluga 01 USV proves advanced technology makes maritime operations eco-friendly, reliable, and efficient.

Companies embracing smart solutions navigate towards a cleaner, smoother future in marine surveying, effortlessly meeting current demands.

Navsight Apogee

Deported Processing and GNSS

  • 0.008° Roll and Pitch over 360°
  • 0.015° Heading (GNSS-based)
  • 1 cm RTK GNSS Position
  • Post-processing with Qinertia PPK
  • 5 cm Heave, 2 cm Delayed Heave
  • Available with Surface or Subsea Enclosure
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