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Ekinox-D: Dual GPS INS

Ekinox-D is an ITAR Free Inertial Navigation System with integrated Dual Antenna GNSS receiver.

It combines an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and runs an enhanced on-board Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) to fuse in real-time inertial data with internal GPS information.

High Performance for a Cost-effective Solution:

  • 0.05° Roll, Pitch over 360°
  • 0.05° True Heading
  • 2 cm RTK GNSS Position @ 200 Hz
  • 5 cm Real-time Heave
  • 2.5 cm Delayed Heave
  • 48h Internal Data Logger
  • IP68 Enclosure, Compliant MIL-STD

Up to 4 Simultaneously Connected Equipment:

  • Navigation: RTK GPS/GNSS corrections
  • Heading: Magnetometer
  • Velocity: Odometer, DVL

Ekinox Tactical Grade MEMS Inertial Navigation System INS with dual GPS

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Need Subsea Enclosure? See Ekinox-U

Need a smaller INS? See Ellipse-D

Internal Dual Antenna GPS for a More Robust Heading

Ekinox-D is a Survey Grade INS/GNSS solution. It embeds a Dual L1/L2 GPS + GLONASS receiver to provide robust and accurate true heading. For further performance, it can be connected to up to 4 external aiding equipment.





Ekinox-D is an all-in-one survey grade inertial system which can be directly connected to SONAR for Hydrographic surveys. It is perfectly suited to applications where accurate heading is required such as ROV & AUV navigation, and accepts aiding data from DVL for further performance. Ekinox sensors are compatible with all hydrographic software (Hypack, QPS, Teledyne PDS, etc.).

Marine applications



When connected to an odometer (DMI), the Ekinox-D provides survey class car’s position and trajectory at 200 Hz, even in GPS challenging environments. Mobile Mapping, Machine Control, are some surveying application examples where the Ekinox-D reveals its potential.

Land Applications



Ekinox-D provides very accurate attitute and position, at 200 Hz. With its robust IP68 enclosure and its extended dynamic temperature calibration (-40° to 75°C), it the ideal solution for surveying aerospace applications such as LiDAR and Camera data georeferencing.

Aerospace Applications

Complementary Equipment and Software


Connection, Synchronization, and Positioning

The SplitBox provides a simplified interface for easy connection and synchronization with external equipment such as odometer, differential corrections, computers, or survey instruments. The SplitBox with integrated GNSS receiver additionally delivers navigation data with a large choice of positioning services (Marinestar, TerraStar, etc.).

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a very quick and easy way to evaluate SBG Systems products, and to record and export data in various formats. In just a few seconds, you start evaluating and configuring your device and integrate it in your system.

In the Starting box

Every industry has its own constraints. Our Sales Engineers will work with you to recommend the right solution for your project. The selected inertial sensor will be shipped with a quick start guide and its own calibration report. A robust and waterproof transport case is fitted to contain other ordered items such as cables, GNSS antennas, etc.



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