We were more than satisfied with the results the Ellipse-N gave us. It was the most reliable source of data we obtained.

Andrew Tec, Captain of the HyperXite team

Hyperloop Concept

The Hyperloop is made of a sealed tube through which a pod can travel free of air resistance or friction conveying people or objects at high speed while being very efficient. In 2015, SpaceX sponsored the first Hyperloop Pod Competition where teams built a subscale prototype to demonstrate technical feasibility of various aspects of the Hyperloop concept.


Hyperloop Concept (Open-source Vactrain or Vacuum Tube Train)

Pod Position, Velocity, and Acceleration

“Our prototype pod needed a reliable way to measure its position, velocity, and acceleration when the pod is in the SpaceX’s Hyperloop vacuum tube” explains Andrew Tec, Captain of the HyperXite team. The Ellipse-N provided all these features additionallly to GNSS positioning and CAN bus protocol.

We needed a component that performs well under near vacuum conditions, one that was easy to integrate with precise sensors; the Ellipse-N satisfied all of the criteria

Andrew Tec, Captain of the HyperXite team


Single Antenna RTK GNSS

  • 0.05° Roll and Pitch (RTK)
  • 0.2° Heading (RTK high dynamics)
  • 5 cm Real-time Heave
  • 1 cm RTK GNSS Position
  • Raw Data for Post-Processing
  • Extremely small OEM module
  • Full Development Kit >>
  • ROS Driver
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